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A Sense of Place is something that many winemakers talk about but it's a tricky concept to get across to anyone who has not visited the region or who knows the people involved.


In many ways, the "new world" Sense of Place echoes the old world notion of Terroir where the effects of soil, site, aspect, climate and tradtion all come to bear on the eventual character and quality of the wine - lending it a unique personality.


In the new world, the restrictions of tying oneself down to one particular "terroir" have been resisted in favour of the flexibilities of being able to blend from anywhere. However, as the market matures, so does the clamour to reflect the uniqueness of one individual site or region.


We are lucky that we see each region and each site with fresh eyes. Every time we visit, we witness what makes the site different to their neighbours, better than their competitors and on par with those that have inspired them. We see first hand how the interaction of the ancient soils, the big skies, the climate and tradition all imprint on the wine in a very tangible way.


Our ability to do this is, in no small measure, attributable to the remarkable regions in which we source our grapes.

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