The Thorny Devil Grenache, Single Vineyard, Old Vine, Dry Grown, Barossa, 2015
In 2015, the fruit for Thorny Devil came from a vineyard on the edge of the town of Tanunda. Estimated to be over 100 years old, this historic vineyard was dry grown and  and now lovingly tended.
Vintage Conditions
Though the season began well, a hard frost hit the Barossa almost a year to the day after the last devastating frost. While the north west of the region was badly damaged, the area around Tanunda was less so. A consistently good fruit set was followed relatively cool conditions in November and December and this pattern was only briefly punctuated by a burst of heat over the New Year period which had people thinking back to the 14 days of plus 40 heat last year. Thankfully, January continued with cooler weather, some 2 degrees cooler than normal. Predictions at this time seemed to suggest a normal or even late harvest. Steady, though not extreme, heat saw ripening accelerate to the extent that by the middle of February, there was a mad rush to harvest fruit right across the Barossa. With every winery full and fruit ready to go, there were more than a few stressed winemakers and grape growers. Grenache though is primed for such conditions and fruit for the Thorny Devil hung on til late March before it was just right.
With Grenache, we are always looking to maximise fruit purity, texture and finesse rather than making a.n other rich red wine. While there is no denying that Grenache is more burly than Pinot, we always have the vision of making Pinot style wines within the, albeit, challenging framework of Grenache!
The Fruit was gently crushed to retain as many whole berries as possible before a cold soak prior to fermentation. Fermentation began naturally and hand plunging twice a day was carried out through to dryness. Gently pressed off skins before 10 months in old oak hogsheads. 
The resulting wine has the characteristic Barossa punch but there is a beguiling texture and perfume that keeps you interested.
Alcohol 14.5%

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