Clare Valley



First explored by Englishman, John Hill, in 1839, the Clare Valley was quickly

settled by English, Irish, Polish and Silesian people who created a rich heritage
of architecture and culture. Pre-eminent in that culture was the planting of
vineyards alongside the villages – some of which remain to this day.



Situated some 120km north of Adelaide at the Northern most reaches of the
Mount Lofty Ranges zone, the Clare Valley vineyards are planted at a height of
4-500 meters above sea level and it is this height that ensures that while day time
temperatures may be hot, night time temperatures cool rapidly and allow for
a longer ripening period. A mixture of red and brown sandy loams, sometimes
over limestone dominate the soil profiles but disguise the myriad microclimates
that exist within the region.


The Clare Valley is Riesling to us, and to many wine lovers around the world.
It seems paradoxical that a hot, inland region has made its name by making
world class Riesling but time after time, the Clare produces the best Riesling
in Australia and arguably anywhere in the New World.

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